Underground River

Everything you need to know about Underground River

Everything you need to know about Underground River 1900 1265 Enrico Rivasi

Did you know?

The Underground River in Palawan is one of the New 7 Natural Wonders!

We’re talking about the Underground River (also named Natuturingan from the locals), located in the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1999.

Here’s some interesting data about the site:

  • the cave stretches for 24 km. Recently a second floor was discovered;
  • the river contained in the cave is 8,2 km long (the longest underground river in the world), and approximately 4 km are navigable;
  • the cave contains several chambers, some are the biggest in the world (the biggest chamber is 120m wide and 60m high);
  • the area of the National Park is about 22,202 hectares.

About the park

The cave is teeming with life since time immemorial: recently a 20 million years old fossil of a sea cow was discovered.

The variety of the species in the cave is endemic, and includes fish, swallows, snakes, bats, giant spiders (don’t worry, bats are most likely the only species you will see… you’re not afraid of bats, are you?).

The site is quite a popular attraction, and it’s often full of tourists: nevertheless, the whole area is still absolutely untouched.

The whole surrounding area is characterized by spectacular limestone karst: it definitely worth the 80km trip from the capital Puerto Princesa.

underground river in puerto princesas
photo credit by ©cacciariphoto

How to visit the Underground River

The Underground River is located near Sabang, a small village 80km (50 miles) north to Puerto Princesa.

The easiest way to reach the site is by booking a one-day tour in one of the many local tour agencies in the city.

Best time to visit the Underground River

Local weather conditions should be taken in consideration while planning your trip to the Underground river National Park.

During the wet season (june – october) it’s possible that your tour is cancelled due to bad weather conditions.

The best choice is to visit River from November to May (consider also that march – may is the warmest period).

Places in your Palawan’s Bucket List

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You definitely should add theese 7 places in your Palawan’s Bucket List

Lagoons and beaches in El Nido

Places in your palawan’s bucket list!

Situated in the north, El Nido region is the emblem of Palawan.

Spectacular limestone cliffs, crystal clear water, dream beaches, unbelivably spectacular lagoons: definitely one of the most beautiful places in the entire world.

Unfortunately, expect quite a lot of tourists there.

Port Barton

Are you disappointed by the tourist invasion while on holiday in Palawan? Don’t worry: you can consider Port Barton as a quieter (and cheaper!) alternative to El Nido.

If white desert beaches are what you’re looking for, Port Barton is the right option for you.

Underground river

This is definitely something you can’t miss: it’s one of the 7 New Wonders Of Nature. Do we need to say anything else?

(If yes, here you can find a full article dedicated to the Underground River).

Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa is the capital of Palawan.

From the capital you can easily access to the Underground River and the islands of the Honda Bay: Corwie, Starfish, Luli e Pandan.

Why calling “Starfish” an island? Beacause it’s full of starfish, of course!


One of the most spactacular spots in Palawan. What makes this place famous (more than breathtaking views, of course) is the fact that it’s full of wreck form the WWII.

Balabac islands

Balabac is a group of more than 30 islands situated in the south-west of Palawan.

Unspoiled fine sandy beaches, endemic flora and fauna and rich marine life: another unforgettable gem of the most beautiful island in the world.

The Tubbataha Reef National Park

The Tubbataha Reef National Park is the main marine park in the Philippines, and a UNESCO world heritage site.

With his astonishing coral reefs, the site is considered the Mecca of diving (click here if you want more informations about diving in Palawan).

Here you can find some activities to do in Palawan, if you book with us you will get a discount