How to get to El Nido by airplane, bus and boat

How to get to El Nido by airplane, bus and boat 2121 1414 Marco Santoni

How to get to El Nido

By Airplane

There are 3 airports located on Palawan Island but the closest to get to El Nido is Lio Airport, then Puerto Princesa International Airport and Busuanga Francisco B. Reyes Airport.

The cheapest flights to Palawan are those directed to Puerto Princesa, where from Manila and Cebu there is a reasonable price always booking at least a month in advance.

The airlines that go to Puerto Princesa from Manila and Cebu are: Philippines Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Air Asia.

There are also flights that go directly to El Nido with the Air Swift company, this at a higher cost than if you arrive on Puerto Princesa but is the short way for arrive there.

how to get to el nido by airplane with air swift
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By Bus

Once you arrive in Puerto Princesa you have to go to the Terminal Station and take a Bus at the cost of about 280-400 pesos or the Van at the cost of 550-600 pesos, destination El Nido.

This is truly an adventure, the journey takes about 6/7 hours and you can fully enjoy all the wonders of the island, you can see the real Philippines on the way.

The journey is really tiring because the road is not the best and the drivers are crazy, but I recommend you take this trip because this experience will remain inside you.

how to get to el nido by bus
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By Boat

For the strongest travelers you can also get to the El Nido by boat, but this is similar to an odyssey.

From Manila, you can take the ticket with the company 2Go Travel, destination Coron, then once there, you have to take another ticket, destination El Nido.

Tickets cost around 2000 pesos each and the journey takes about 12 hours each.

For me this option is to be done only if you have a lot of time to visit the Philippines, otherwise the plane is recommended.

how to get to el nido by boat with 2go travel
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