El Nido tips to know before going

El Nido tips to know before going 2560 2174 Enrico Rivasi

Avoiding tourists crowd

The first El Nido tips to know are to avoid overcrowded tours, try to start your adventures early in the morning.

You can also try asking to the boatman if it’s possible to do the tour in reverse, if other people on the boat agree too, of course: you’ll enjoy the tour more!


There are plenty of ATMs in the area, but sometimes it happens that they run out of money, due to the high amount of tourists.

For that reason, bringing some cash with you before going it’s advisable.

Equipment you may forget

If you want to try snorkeling – we highly recommend that! – bring your own equipment: you’ll save some money (Here you can find some more infos about snorkeling in Palawan).

Don’t forget to protect your cameras and phones: waterproof covers are super useful in El Nido!

You’ll probably need water shoes also, on order to safely walk on the rocks and cliffs.

Enjoy the sunsets

There’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying the sunset from one of the many beaches around in El Nido.

You can rent a motorbike or a tricycle (that’s the best way to explore the surrounding area), and go to Nacpan Beach, Marimegbeg or Las Cabanas: you won’t be disappointed! 

You can also eat whatever you want, since there it’s full of restaurants.


Don’t forget to bring with you a long sleeve shirt and long trousers, for two reasons: 

  • In some areas mosquitoes are quite aggressive: long sleeves will protect you;
  • Religious sites require your whole body to be covered.


Remember that smoking in the street is forbidden in El Nido. The locals are trying their best to reduce the impact on the environment: please be respectful as well!

Drinking water

The last El Nido tips to know, but not less important, it is not uncommon to get sick after drinking tap water: tap water in El Nido is often not clean enough: be careful!