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El Nido Tour C Itinerary and things to do

El Nido Tour C Itinerary and things to do 1280 853 Marco Santoni

El Nido Tour C Itinerary

  • Hidden beach
  • Matinloc Shrine
  • Tapuitan Island (Talisay beach)
  • Secret beach
  • Helicopter Island

The first stop of El Nido Tour C is Hidden beach, it is located behind a jagged limestone curtain, as if by magic a shallow bay that opens like a cathedral of black stone walls full of crystal clear water.

This wonderful beach that cannot be missed in your itinerary if you visit the Philippines.

hidden beach in el nido tour c
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Stuck between two islands and surrounded by pristine water is the Matinloc Shrine, the second stage of Tour C.

A dome-shaped structure with some statues and some colored glass works, you can climb to the top to see the breathtaking panorama.

For lunch we arrive at Tapuitan Island, precisely at Talisay beach, third stage of Tour C, another pristine beach at the bottom of the sanctuary canal.

Obviously fresh grilled food is cooked such as fish and chicken, the inevitable rice, salad and fruit.

You just have to enjoy lunch, sit, relax and enjoy the white beach, swim, snorkel, take photos of the wonderful surroundings and forget all your worries.

el nido tour c in talisay beach
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The only way to get to Secret beach, the fourth stage of Tour C, is to swim.

The boat leaves you in front of the mouth of a cave, with snorkeling equipment you have to swim through the stone entrance and in the shallow bay, along the way to the beach, there are coral pockets with colored fish swimming versus.

The bay water gradually drops and at the other end there is a patch of white sand where you can stop after swimming.

The same dark limestone stones line the bay giving it protection, privacy and a little secrecy, Secret beach is a unique place not to be missed, it’s worth it.

Last stop before the return is Helicopter Island, an island which, if the tide is right and with a little imagination, seems similar to a helicopter.

helicopter island to el nido tour c
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We just have to enjoy the last hour of the Tour relaxing on the beach and sunbathing before returning to El Nido.

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