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Must-Try Dishes in Palawan and enjoy the food

Must-Try Dishes in Palawan and enjoy the food 1920 1280 Marco Santoni

Palawan isn’t just a beautiful scenic spot; it’s also the best place to satisfy your adventurous cravings.

Must try dishes in Palawan and enjoy the food.

People generally think of exotic food as gross and not appetizing.

They have either acquired tastes to most or a grueling challenge have go to accomplish to win money or dare.

However, the list of Palawan bizarre dishes will change.

Danggit Lamayo

When in Palawan, Danggit Lamayo is a must-try dish, also known as dried rabbit fish.

Consider it a regular danger upgrade, it is sundered, slightly salted and marinated in garlic and vinegar and pepper before cooking to get the best out of this dish, the fish itself is bigger in size and the taste is less salty. 

You get to eat each part of the fish. If you didn’t known, it’s so juicy and meaty that it is unlike a number of common fish that actually taste great.

This dish is available at Santino’s Grill and makes for a great breakfast when paired with garlic rice and egg. 

danggit lamayo in try dishes in palawan
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Lato, also known as sea grapes is delicacy to be enjoyed with for sure.

That is usually served as a salad with onions, tomatoes and vinegar as a sauce to dip. A known seaweed that is common in the Philippines and neighboring countries. 

Lato is the main ingredient in Ensaladang or Seaweed Salad. It can be found at most restaurant in Palawan, they may look small but will surely pack a punch!

Crocodile Sisig

Sisig, a typical delicacy in the Philippines, is getting a unique variation!

The Palawan’s people are trying out crocodile meat that really tastes like beef but is said to be a more exotic and extravagant dish. 

This favourite Kapampangan food is taken into the exotic realm when crocodile meat takes the place of pork, chicken or tuna.

Although the dishes are no less indulgent that the other types of sigs, the meat’s consistency is leaner than beef, it packs a spicy lucky due to the general chilli presence. 

cocrodile sisig in try dishes in palawan
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Tamilok is a mangrove harvested woodworm that starts to rot, often long and slimy.

Prepared as kinilaw, it is dipped for added flavor in vinegar, lime juice and tastes similar to that of oysters.

The mollusc, similar to the worms, don’t look appetizing though they taste divine.

Various restaurant and bars in Palawan, especially in Coron, serve tamilok as an appetizer. 

try dishes in palawan with tamilok
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Fish Cordon Bleu

First, if you don’t know what a cordon bleu is, it’s meat breaded and fried with a flour mix wrapped around the cheese. Chicken is the usual meat used for the cordon bleu.

This time in Palawan you can find fish cordon bleu instead of chicken that basically uses fish. Not just one fish but a variety of fish for personal preference.

Bird’s Nest or Nido Soup

A best-seller at Kawayanan Grill, Coron’s number one exotic restaurant, the bird’s nest is mad of bird balinsasayaw saliva or swiftlets used to build their nest in the crevices of Palawan’s limestone cliffs. 

But don’t let it fool you by its composition. The creamy yet chunky broth is keeping the locals hungry for more. This soup also has a very high proportion of calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. 

the nido soup in try dishes in palawan
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This dishes is the best and particular that you can try in Palawan, can’t miss to eat!!

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