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El Nido Tour B Itinerary and things to do

El Nido Tour B Itinerary and things to do 1280 853 Marco Santoni

El Nido Tour B Itinerary

  • Snake Island (Vigan Island)
  • Cudugnon Cave
  • Cathedral Cave
  • Pangulasian Island
  • Pinagbuyutan Island

The cost of El Nido Tour B is 1300 pesos plus the usual eco-tourist tax of 200 pesos, this tax is valid for 10 days, so if we have already done other tours it is not necessary to pay it every time.

Tour B is definitely very interesting, the first stop you will visit is Snake Island, consisting of a long “S” shaped sand bank that is best visited when there is low tide.

This site is truly unique in the Bacuit archipelago and there is no doubt that you will appreciate the feeling of walking in the middle of the sea to head to the island.

As soon as you arrive on the island, you can take a short excursion that takes you to the top of a hill where you can admire the panoramic view of El Nido.

On the other side of the island there is the mainland with a mangrove coast and on both sides there are some corals.

snake island in el nido tour b
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After Snake Island the next stop on Tour B is Cudugnon Cave.

Here you can explore a small cave and crawl through its small opening where you can see spectacular rock formations, once inside the cave you can climb a limestone hill to see a different view of the cave.

Cudugnon Cave is an important archaeological site where pottery dating from the Sung dynasty (960/1279) was discovered and was also used by locals during the Second World War to hide from Japanese invaders.

Cathedral Cave is the third stage of the tour, a short stop where you can take photos of its imposing entrance and if you visit it when the tide is low you have the opportunity to enter inside it by boat.

the cathedral cave in el nido tour b
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From here you will move to Pangulasian Island, the fourth stop of the tour, which offers one of the widest stretches of El Nido beach where you can relax and sunbathe and swim.

Last stop of the tour is Pinagbuyutan Island, dedicated to snorkelers and more.

This island has one of the most majestic landscapes with one of the largest limestone cliffs of El Nido next to a plain full of coconut palms.

The water is shallow a few meters from the coast but then rapidly descends into a sea full of vibrant corals and colorful fish, the emerald, blue, green and turquoise colored water makes this place one of the best in the Philippines.

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