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Boracay Island: Tips to know before going

Boracay Island: Tips to know before going 1080 810 Marco Santoni

Boracay Island: Tips to know before going

Tips to know before going – Boracay is a small island located at the far end of Panay Island (the largest island), in the province of Aklan.

The island of Boracay extends for 7 kilometers with a white beach and crystal clear sea,
Listed by tripadvisor as the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.

On this island you will find everything you need, wonderful resorts, corners of paradise, opportunities for water sports, activities and excursions, also with regard to nightlife, this island has many entertainment to offer.

We can define it as a destination suitable for everyone, groups of friends, couples and families.
To get around Boracay, tricycles or mini vans are used, obviously very cheap so travel is not a problem.

How to get there

The best way to get to Boracay is by flight from Manila or Cebu to Panay, the island near Boracay, landing at the nearest airport in Caticlan, about 1 hour from Boracay, or at the Kalibo airport about 2 hours away.

The fastest but also the most expensive way is to land at Catlican airport, in short, the choice is yours whether to save time or money and the cheapest way is via Kalibo airport, the most distant.

Once you have landed at one of the selected airports, you must purchase the transfer to Boracay (which can be purchased directly at the airport) which includes the passage by minivan + the crossing by boat.

Boats to Boracay depart continuously, ensuring the crossing at any time of day, there are also night rides but not so frequently.

What to see and what to do in Boracay Island

The main attractions of Boracay are obviously the beautiful beaches, as well as water sports of all kinds that can be done.

Starting with the most beautiful beaches, here is a list of Boracay’s attractions:

White Beach

It extends for 4 km of white beach, bathed by a crystalline sea.
Being the main beach it is also the most crowded one, but this it still remains a paradise.

white beach in boracay island tips to know before going
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Diniwid Beach

At the end of the white beach you will find a small passage that will take you to this dream beach.
Here you can be more peacefully away from people and mass tourism.

diniwid beach in boracay island tips to know before going
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Manoc-Manoc Beach

Manoc-Manoc Beach is located on the southern coast of the island.
A beautiful beach perfect for relaxing in peace.

Puka Beach

Located at the end of Boracay is this wild and beautiful beach, isolated from everything else and perfect for enjoying the sea in peace.

puka beach in boracay island tips to know before going
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Bulabog Beach

Located on the opposite side of White beach, Bulabog beach being quite windy, it is the perfect place for kitesurfing.

bulabog beach in boracay island tips to know before going
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It is not a beach but a perfect site for diving, in fact here you can still admire the coral of the Philippines, with bright colors, that cover a rock wall that goes down to 70 meters deep.

If you need to rent all the equipment, there are many specialized centers on the island, ask at the reception of your hotel, they will surely be able to point you to the nearest center.

Boracay tours and excursions

As for activities in Boracay it is possible to practice any type of water sport, diving,
organized tours of the island or surrounding islands, and it is even possible to book a helicopter tour of the island.

Here is a small guide to the main tours:

Tour of the island by tricycle

A complete tour of the island aboard the characteristic tricycles, with or without motor, which are the most popular means of transport in these parts, in fact, there are very few cars on the road.

For a negligible amount you can set out to discover Boracay and its suggestive landscapes, stopping at the most beautiful beaches, of course starting from the White beach.

Tour of the islands by boat

This is a tour of the island aboard a typical Filipino boat.

The tour includes a island hopping of Boracay and the surrounding islands such as Crocodile island, with stops at some of the most beautiful beaches and some areas perfect for snorkeling.

Mount Luho

It is the only relief in all of Boracay, actually only 100 meters high.

However, from the top of its viewpoint it is possible to enjoy a crazy view of the sea and the coasts of the island.

Bat Cave

Located in the western part of the island, Bat Cave is another unusual excursion you can do once you arrive in Boracay.

However, choose to visit it only if you are particularly adventurous as the conditions inside the cave are not the best, between slippery rocks and sharp profiles and the possibility of running into snakes, as well as bats, of course.

Crystal Cove

A highly recommended excursion is to visit the small island of Crystal Cove, famous for its caves to explore, and its fantastic landscapes.

This island can be visited by an organized tour, for a price of around 1600 peso per person.

Included in the price you will have an entrance ticket to the island with a tour guide,
free transportation from your resort to the port and round-trip boat transfer from Boracay to Crystal Cove island.

Here there are some activities that you can do in Boracay island, click the image below and check your best one


Where to sleep in Boracay island: tips to know before going

The best area to stay is White Beach, in addition to being the most famous part of the island, it is also the most developed.

In fact, it is here that there are numerous hotels, restaurants and night clubs.

The same beach, however, is divided into three areas, called Station 1, Station 2 and Station 3, different from each other for costs, types of accommodation, atmosphere and nightlife.

As the beach stretches for 4 km, it is important to choose the right area in Boracay island and the best tips to know before going.

Station 1

It is the northernmost one and is the most exclusive part of White Beach, with many luxury resorts full of services, which however are more expensive than other areas.

Here is also one of the main attractions of Boracay, that is the rock formation namely the Willy’s Rock.

Station 1 is particularly recommended for couples and families for its tranquility.

Here, too, there is no shortage of sports activities to be practiced in the water and night clubs which, however, are concentrated in a small area and close to each other, so the rest of the beach is quite quiet.

The beach is also wider, so it offers more space and the shallow water is perfect for children.

Station 2

It is the heart of Boracay and White Beach, here there are many accommodations of various types, and with slightly lower rates than Station 1.

Being the most central area, Station 2 is the busiest part of Boracay, so it may not be suitable for those looking for a quiet solution.

Along the beach there are bars and restaurants; when you are tired of being on the beach, you can go shopping at D’mall, Boracay’s main shopping center or sample local specialties at the D’Talipapa fish market.

The nightlife in Station 2 is very lively, thanks to the high concentration of bars with live music and discos, which makes it perfect for young people and those who want to have fun in the evening.

Station 3

It is known as the backpacker’s mecca for the large number of low cost hotels and hostels.

It is absolutely the cheapest part to stay in, but it is probably not suitable for those traveling with children considering that the water in this point is immediately deep.

Despite the high percentage of young people, it still remains the quietest and most green area of White Beach, thanks to a not very lively nightlife there is only one nightclub and a few pubs.

Here there is a list of the best accommodations you can find in Boracay island according to Agoda users, thanks also to our experience. Click the images below and check the best rates and availability

Belmont Hotel
Boracay Backpackers
Sheridan Villas
The Lind Boracay
Frendz Hostel
The Orient Beach Resort

Info and utility

Here are some important tips if you want to go on a trip to Boracay:

Currency exchange: we recommend that you exchange money at the various exchange offices located in the city so that you can compare them and choose the most convenient one.

Remember that changing them at the airport is always less convenient, so as soon as you arrive, change only the necessary ones for the first day.

Tourist visa: the tourist visa for the Philippines depends on where you come from, for example, for European citizens for the first 30 days of stay in the country, they do not need a visa.

For more information, visit the Philippine government’s official website HERE.

Medical insurance: medical insurance is absolutely recommended, since private healthcare in the Philippines is very expensive.

We are partners with World Nomads, leader for the international travel insurance, get a free quote by clicking HERE.

Telephone Card: it is possible to buy a telephone card as soon as you arrive at the airport at a low cost and with these cards you have unlimited internet for 1/2 weeks.

Transport rental: we recommend renting a bicycle or a scooter in order to be able to move independently.

Let’s start here to discover our tours to Palawan and other amazing islands of the Philippines!