El Nido Tour A Itinerary and things to do

El Nido Tour A Itinerary and things to do

El Nido Tour A Itinerary and things to do 1280 853 Marco Santoni

El Nido Tour A itinerary and all you need to know about this wonderful tour for enjoy your holiday

  • Small Lagoon
  • Big Lagoon
  • Secret Lagoon
  • Shimizu Island
  • Seven Commando Beach or Entalula Beach

The cost of El Nido Tour A is 1200 peso plus 200 peso of eco-tourist tax valid for 10 days and the possibility of making multiple trips.

The best tour operators to do these tours are Alternative Cafe and The Art Cafe.

The first stop on Tour A is Small Lagoon.

It is located at the northern end of the Miniloc island and is an open-air limestone cathedral, the vertical stone walls form a shallow water lagoon in the shape of an almost perfect circle.

the small lagoon of el nido tour a
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The part of Big Lagoon is all focused on the boat cruise, this is the best part of the day because you just have to see the water of the lagoon which is truly extraordinary.

The lagoon is extremely low, there are some points to jump off the boat and swim in the turquoise water surrounded by dark and jagged limestone cliffs.

The stop for lunch takes place on Simizu Island, another extremely beautiful island, lunch includes the Philippines version of paella, grilled fish, chicken, fresh fruit, salads and rice.

The most surprising feature of the island is an outcrop of rocks, a razor-thin blade of black limestone is found all over the El Nido river protruding from the sand, this place is simply fantastic.

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You’ll find a mess of boats looking for location as their passengers jump out to swim through the hole in the rocks leading to the Secret lagoon.

Tour A of El Nido seems to be the most popular, the scenario it shows is amazing, it is one of the shortest routes and of course it has the Secret Lagoon as an ace up its sleeve.

Last stop of Tour A is Seven Commando beach, most of the tours end here because it is close to El Nido and it is an easy place to stop.

The story behind the beach is probably more interesting than the beach itself, as the legend says, seven Japanese commandos took refuge here during the Second World War and ended up living here for a certain period of time, the information is a little mixed but this is what the guides tell.

seven commando beach in el nido tour a
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Other companies such as The Art Cafe choose the last stop of the Tour A in Entalula Island, a beach which is in my opinion nicer than Seven Commando beach.

This is something to consider when booking Tour A.

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